Doing an internship in New Zealand

Why doing an Internship in New Zealand?

New Zealand is a country just a few people had on the screen until 2001, when Peter Jackson’s “Lord of the Rings” hit the cinemas and showed the world the beauty of this quite remote island. Since then tourism highly increased. New Zealand also offers some cultural diversity, though predominantly a western country, there is still a vivid culture of the original inhabitants of New Zealand, the Maori, whose language is still taught in school and spoken by a notable portion of the country’s citizens. People interested in indigenous Polynesian culture will for sure get their money’s worth.

Despite its prominence New Zealand is only sparsely populated with less than 5 million inhabitants, of whom most live the cities. This is why there is so much space left for the nature to unfold. New Zealand has long solely relied on agriculture and is still famous for its exported fruits and dairy products, but nowadays there is a notable service sector too, thus giving interns who want to go there a wide range of possible placements to choose from.

Especially interesting for interns is often a placement in the film production industry of New Zealand not only since the release of “The Lord of the Rings” there has been a thriving movie business on the small island, which is still well-known in its branch. So doing an internship in this business will not only provide you with new possibilities for enhancing your skills but also with a fascinating insight into one of the world’s major dream factories. But of course there are other possibilities too. For example, some of our interns work in broadcast journalism, finance or social work. Wherever you think you could contribute your specific skills best, we find the exact placement for you.

The possible duration of an internship in New Zealand ranges from just 6 weeks for a small glance into the life on the island up to 22 weeks. Our interns are well placed in a shared apartment in the center of one of the major cities of New Zealand, thus being able to explore the local life and culture on their own without having to rely on motorized transportation.

So when you are interested in going to New Zealand just contact us and we will find the placement that suits you best.