Four Reasons for Taking a Gap Year and Volunteering Abroad

So you have finished school. Congratulations! But what now? Do you want to start working right now or do you prefer to go to university first? What career do you want to pursue? You are not sure about that? Well, you are certainly not alone with this problem. Most people feel unsure about what they want to be in the future, right after they finished school. So what about first having some time off, taking a gap year and volunteer abroad? Here are some reasons for doing so.



1. You will never be as free as you are now

After finishing school, you don’t have any obligements. There is neither an employer whom you have to obey, nor are there any exams you have to prepare for. So after school it is the best time of your life to easily get away and see the world.


2. You get to know yourself better

For most people doing a gap year after school is the first time, when they are really on their own. There is no mom or dad looking after them any more. Having to solve your problems on your own, will make you get to know yourself much better. You will learn under what conditions you succeed and under what you fail. This will make you beeing able to make the right plans for your future.


3. You have time to think about the future

The time after the school is the time when you really have to start thinking about your future. For many people this time is rather short, leading them to making wrong decisions they might later regret. Having a gap year gives you just more time. While you are getting to know yourself better, you also get more clues about what carreer you want to pursue and what goals you want to reach in your life.


4. You learn more about the problems of the world and how to solve them

You may have grown up in a sheltered and cozy environment, your parents keeping away all the evils of the world from you. But now it’s time to grow up and be confronted with all the problems that are out there and they are certainly not few. From environmental problems to social problems like poverty, there is still a lot of bad things left for humanity to overcome. When taking a gap year and volunteering abroad, you may learn about those problems and take part in actions aiming to solve them.