going abroad

1. You learn what you really want

Like every individual has its specific ways of seeing the world, every culture also does. When going abroad you learn to adapt to a new way of seeing the world. Things which seem very desirable in one culture might be totally undesirable in another culture. By having this in mind, it will be easier for you to find out what you really want and not what you are just supposed to want. So in the end you might happen to be a happier person than if you had just stayed at home.


2. You learn new ways of approaching problems

Cultures differ widely in their ways of approaching problems. While Western cultures tend to take a more goal-oriented approach, Asian cultures tend to be more process-oriented. Having learned to cope with both approaches will not only help you in overcoming problems by your own but also working efficiently together with people from different countries. This ability is of growing importance in a world getting smaller every day.


3. You might one day change the world

Having been confronted with all those different perspectives and ways of approaching problems, you certainly become more open-minded when new and unconventional ideas come up. Being able to estimate the value of new ideas, even if they might seem odd at first glance, is what makes the people who change this world.


4. You get a lot of new friends you otherwise never had

Can you imagine your life without all the friends you already have? Would you say your life would be different without them? Of course you would. So it is fair to say, that your friends changed your life and hopefully they did it to the better.

When staying on just one place, the number of people you know doesn’t change very much. Going abroad will provide you with a lot of new friends, which usually are not just from the country you went to, but from all over the world. After having spent some time abroad, you will know whom to call, when visiting other countries. This will not only effect your private life, but might also boost your career, since it’s all about knowing the right people at the right places and you will certainly know a lot of people at a lot of places, which improves the chances of knowing the right ones.


5. You give your life a new spin

You have been staying at your place since a very long time? You know every way around your home? Every week of your life feels the same? Are you fine with that? If you are: perfect! If you are not: it is time for things to change! Going abroad gives you the opportunity of leaving everything behind. Many things you considered important, you have to let go. By this you will find out, what you really needed and what you didn’t need, what supported you and what hampered you. When you get back, you can give your life a fresh restart, focussing on all those things that you found out to be of real importance to you.


We are certain that there are hundreds of other good reasons why going abroad is a life-changing experience and we are eager to hear yours. So leave us a comment!