Monday was our first teaching day. The school assigned us to three classes (3rd and 4th grade) and we introduced ourselves in a PowerPoint presentation. We showed pictures of Californian animals and the students repeated the English names. We then sang and danced with them the Hokey-Pokey. A little video clip from was fun to watch as an introduction to the dance. This was fun for the children and they liked it very much. Youtube videos are unfortunately not available in China. Tudou is a leading Internet video company in China providing premium licensed content. At the end of the lesson, we let them color some printed animal pictures.

We taught on Tuesday, our second day, only two English classes. We shortened the first lesson, which takes normally 40 minutes, because the class had a schedule for a photo shot. So we improvised and sang with the class to the video "Wheels on the Bus" and let them color some animal pictures. We used in the second lesson our introduction presentation again, did the Hokey-Pokey song, and let the class color our prepared animal pictures. I think it was a good idea to draw a cartoon on one student's paper. Wow, the rest of the class made me draw the same cartoon - more than 50 copies. To avoid a pile-up of students around me, I used the newly learned Chinese expresson "paidui" for "line up".

Just forgot to mention that the school sent three cleaning ladies, which made our flat look clean and the floor shiny again. Thank you.

Wednesday was very busy for us. We taught four classes and for the first time had a classroom with a touch screen. We connected our USB stick with the presentations and videos into the plug and the students enjoyed the display and the sound. The kids found the Hokey-Pokey video clip with animated pictures very amusing and danced after the clip in the classroom. We should definately include more singing and moving activities into our lesson plan.

We also used Word to create a floor plan and marked the rooms. The sign on the door with room number C2 / G4 means class two and grade four. And the school has 5-8 classes per grade. You do the math. Most of the teachers have problems to read non-Chinese signs and tell you the location of the room. The first week we had to find 16 different class rooms, which are located on three different floors and sides of the bulding. We were wondering, why the school doesn't have such a plan. However, now we made one.

We mastered our first school week and had a lot of fun with the students. Grade 3 students like more to sing, dance and draw. Grade 4 students use a new text book "Fun with English (4A)", ISBN 978-7-80657-256-6.

In the first unit "May I have ...?" the students learned phrases like "May I come in, Miss Li?", "May I have a copybook for Su Yang?", "Yes/Sure. Here you are." In the second unit "In a toy shop" the students learned phrases like "What's this?", "What's that?", "This is a bear, I think. No, it isn't. It is a dog.", "I'd like this panda, please.", "This is..", "That's your/his/her..., I think." and "How lovely!". Both units contain practise chapters with "Look, read and learn", "Ask and answer", "Work in pairs", "Read and act", "Listen and repeat", and "Fun house". "Work in groups" as well as "Say a rhyme", "Ask and guess", and "Sing a song" complete the units.

We included theses themes as well as possible into our presentations and will continue in next week's lesson plan.