After my daughter had finished school she went to Ireland for one year, where she worked in a hotel. She came back enthusiastically … and I, over 50 years old, teacher, found out that I had missed such a chance in my life. I got the idea "if not now, so when."

After I had contacted Experiment e.V. the first step was done. Now I have been in China for 7 weeks and it’s a great adventure. After an introduction-week in Shanghai I’m in Suzhou, a pretty town with lots of gardens and canals. I teach English with another guy at Bi Bo Experimental School. The teachers here are friendly and support our work as far as possible. If the canteen is closed they invite us to a nearby restaurant where we can enjoy the typical Chinese food at a round table. The students are nice, but not as well behaved as described in advance. They are very similar to our German students. Teaching facilities, as e.g. the overhead projectors or computers are broken and we have to improvise a lot. I could not use my foils but had to hand out handwritten worksheets instead. On the one hand that made my work more difficult, on the other hand it made us more inventive and creative. - The school has hired a modern flat with TV, PC and washing machine. I don’t miss any comfort. It’s close to a big canal and I can enjoy a heavy traffic of ships. I share the flat with Michael, a 21 year-old student from Germany. We both were a little concerned about the age difference – but it works: I can give him some advice in teaching … he inspires me with his wonderful ideas for travelling. Thanks to him I dared to go to Hangzhou, Beijing and Qingdao.

I think this is the most interesting experience I have ever had in my life. If I stay well I will do it again.