I am really glad that I have decided to spend some weeks in SuZhou as a Volunteer at the Kindergarten. Although I am actually not the kind of person, who loves kids, I enjoy being and playing with them. At first it was quiet difficult to teach them English but now I have learned how to do it and I can use some great ideas.I think the most important is that you believe in them. Although they seem to be too young to learn English , they can learn something. I also think that it is good for the children to have a person, who is a bit younger than the teachers. They enjoy playing with me games, the teaches wouldn’t do anymore. To comunicate with the teachers is not always that easy, because most of them cannot really speak English. But after some weeks in China you get used to espress things with gestures and facial expressions and so on. And I was invented a few times by the teachers and the boss for having dinner or to be shown some sights. The school itself is very beautifull and modern.

I have to work five days in the morning and in the evening. But there is still a lot of free time. You might think that you should go to Shanghai to spend your freetime but I really like the time in Suzhou. On the one hand there are so many cultural things, not only gardens but also temples or traditional operas to explore, but on the other hand there is also a modern part of the city, so that you can for example go shopping or go to the cinema.

It is quite easy to explore Suzhou. There is a Metro Line, there are some tourist buses and it is also very cheap to take a taxi. You can spend your time with the other volunteers but it is also possible to walk around by yourself. I never felt unvomfortable in Suzhou.

The accomodation is great. It is very modern and quite big. Standing on the balcony you can see the Jinji-Lake. Nearby there is a pool, where you can swim for free in the morning and a place where some people do Tai Chin. You only have to go a 10 minutes walk to reach the school or the shopping mall and some restaurants.

I really enjoy the time here.