The volunteer-program in Shanghai was my first volunteer-experience, so I didn’t know what to expect from it in total.

I graduated from the university 2 month ago and when I’ll be back in Germany in August I’ll work as a teacher in the highschool.

My internship was getting to know what it means to be a teacher for so young children and what the education-system is like in other countries.

From the first day on in Shanghai I could feel the importance of English-teacher in this country. I didn’t expect the lack of the English language in so many and so different parts of the city. Communication is quite different and it was also the biggest barrier in the school. The teacher in my class could hardly speak English, so that I often didn’t know what they’re doing when they went out with the kids of the classroom. They were shy to speak to me and it was up to me to integrate myself in the processes of the class.

The children spoke to me very open and without any shame. I was really sad about the fact, that I don’t understand them and can’t help them when they asking me a question.

The teaching was a lot of fun and I took great experiences about how children think,feel and learn a new language. For sure I’ll keep this adventure in mind and it may help me to be a good teacher back in Germany. I learned a lot about scheduling class-lessons, making a good job as a teacher and getting a good relationship to the children as well as to the teacher.

I am very happy that I made this trip and had the chance to learn more about Chinese people and their culture and I hope it won’t be the last experience in foreign countries...