My name is Luna and I'm 17 years old. I'm still going to high school in Germany but I wanted to do something useful during my summer holidays so I joined the Xubo volunteering program. My Journy started in Shanghai where I stayed in a Xubo flat for 2 days, then I went to Zhengzhou, a city about six hours by speed train away from Shanghai.

At first I shared a flat there with another volunteer from England who taught at the same Middle school as me. The students were around 12 years old and really interested in western culture. It wasn't too difficult to teach them, since I could use PowerPoint to show pictures and I also used the blackboard a lot. It was fun how excited the children got about some games which are hated by German students. I really enjoyed my time there, but after two weeks I had to move to another flat and I had to teach at another school. It was weird to suddenly live all alone since I've never lived alone in another country than Germany, but I got used to it. The teaching job here was much harder than at the other school. Most of the students were at the same age as me, so it was really difficult to not be a friend but a teacher for them. I also learned that younger students are much more motivated, I sometimes got really frustrated when some students just slept during my lesson. It was also a lot harder to communicate with them, but in the end we got used to each other and I had much fun.

It was really surprising how much the kids loved foreigners. On both schools I almost felt like a celebrity because everyone wanted to take photos of me, or with me. It even happened that students tried to secretly take photos of me during the lesson. I think something like that would never happen in Germany, but I found it quite amusing.

Living in Zhengzhou was kind of challenging too since you barely find anyone that understands English. But I still managed to survive somehow even though my Mandarin is very bad. I'm really obsessed with Chinese food, it taste so much better than everything we have in Germany and it's also much better compared to the food you get in German Chinese restaurants. All in all I'm really glad that I spent this month in Zhengzhou and not in a big city like Shanghai for example since it was a new experience and who knows when I'll have the chance to visit a city like this again.