My name is Sapna Sian and I am a volunteer at Ming Hang Kindergarten, where I teach english to children aged 4-6 years old. The morning begins by welcoming the children as they enter the school and after there is a coffee break before the teaching begins. I always prepare the day before each class as it helps me feel less nervous if I know what I'm going to teach. I use games and songs to teach the children as I find that this works best for their age range. I also like to cover a range of topics with them, some of which have included: counting numbers, the alphabet, naming animals and recognising different colours. From my experience I have learnt that it is best to keep the teaching content simple but to make it fun for the children, also repeating the same topics a few times or every other day really helps the children remember what they have learnt. A particular highlight for me was when I found out that the children knew how to play rock, paper, scissors in Chinese so I was able to teach them the words in English. After teaching, depending on what the children are doing next, I often spend extra time playing with them and this has really helped me to get to know them better. It really is just such a great feeling to teach the children and interact with them and I highly recommend it to everyone, such an amazing experience and highly recommend it to everyone!