1. You get a close look on the country's culture

While normal travellers often only experience foreign cultures from an outside perspective, volunteers get a closer look. This their experiences are less biased by their own cultural values. Volunteers have lived inside a culture and got used to look at the world like their fellow co-workers.


2. You’ll get to see how people actually live

While travelling through foreign countries might give you a glimpse of other people’s daily lives, you will never get to know how it is really like to live in a foreign country. While volunteering you do not only live within a foreign culture, but you actually take part of it. You work together with the locals and get to know their daily live routines.


3. You make more and closer friends

While travellers certainly get to know a lot of people, they often only do so on a somewhat superficial base. People meet each other, might even hang out together for a couple of days; but as soon as they go on, their relationships start fading out. The reason why lies in the nature of travelling, which is a dynamic one. Volunteering however, has a more static nature. You spend your time at one place within a foreign country. By this you get not only to know this one place very well but also the people you meet on a daily base over a longer time. Relationships need time to evolve and volunteers have this time.  


4. You might find out what you were really born for.

Many volunteers go abroad in young stage of their lives. Before going on with their formal education, they want to get some experiences. Some others want to volunteer abroad when they are older and feel that there is something missing in their lives. Volunteering abroad might help both of them to find out, what they are really born for. You wanted to study laws but find out, that you really like teaching children? You wanted to study engineering, but found out that nursing baby-Pandas is what you really were made for? You got bored and dissatisfied from the work you did the last ten years and now find yourself happier than ever before? Well, lucky you! Volunteering abroad gave you the opportunity to change your life.


5. You help making the world a better place.

In the end we all want the world to become a better place. When volunteering abroad, we actively work on achieving that goal. This is what makes volunteering such a great thing.