High School Student PLUS Programme: United States

USA High School PLUS Programme is an academically robust program designed to give you the competitive edge you need to succeed in college and beyond. Attending a respected USA high school is a stepping stone to a successful higher education and career path. Every year, more and more international students like you are making that choice. It is an international education program system from 5 months to 3 years of private and public high schools in the United States. This program allows international students to choose to study at public or private schools in the United States, live with American host families or stay at boarding school with other American students.Together with CIEE (Council on International Educational Exchange), one of America's largest non-profit international education organization, we work with about 200 reputable high schools in prime locations across the United States. Each one has been carefully selected for the quality it offers, from academics to cultural enrichment.accross that you can choose. (For more information on the country, go to: www.visittheusa.com/.)




  • Registration FeeS$ 3000.00 (no refundable)
Program Fee depends on the schools being chosen, living with host families or at boarding schools. Contact us for further details.

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  High School Plus


• Study with American students in a government, private, or boarding school in the US.
• Durations – one term- to three-year study experience.
• Homestay or school dorm.
• Can choose from about 200 high schools in California, Florida, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York, while booking.
• Eligible to receive a diploma and may stay in the US for college/university.
• Visa type – F 1 visa



Students will take the same curriculum as the American students, which include English, Science, Math, etc. Some students may want to attend a school that offers a specific sport or extracurricular activity and they can state this but there is no guarantees as we will do our best to accommodate students’ needs.

Also note, students can book extra English lessons or AP course and those are considered extra, with an additional fee charged.

o  15 to 18 years old.
o  Good academic record.
o  Good English skills.
o  Open-minded and flexible.

Students can choose between a homestay with a local American family or a stay at the school dorm, if they book a programme in a boarding school.

Cancellation is only effective from the date we receive the notification.

o  Cancellation after acceptance and prior to placement confirmation – the downpayment is forfeited.
o  Cancellation after confirmation of placement – 50% of the programme fee is forfeited.
o  No-show or early departure from the programme – 100% of the programme fee is forfeited.

Application procedure (to be done at least 4 months before departure):

1)      Enquiry and submission of the application form.

2)      Pass the prerequisite interview via Skype and make the required downpayment.

3)      School placement arranged.

4)      Get a visa application (if necessary). www.visittheusa.com/usa/travel-information/entering-the-usa.aspx

5)      Fulfil the remaining payment and book air ticket after visa approval.

6)      Purchase insurance.

7)      Decide on accommodation.