Embrace a Rewarding Internship Exchange Program in Asia

If you’re undecided as to your next career move, or if you’re toying with the idea of traveling the world, now you can do both. Offering a global exchange program, Infinite Horizons provides once in a lifetime internship opportunities within Asia and abroad. If you’re a high school or university student, a graduate or a working adult, we can connect you with a brand new world and find an international company that fits your requirements.

Working abroad is an immensely valuable experience in anyone’s career and will leave you with skills that you’ll utilise for a lifetime. We carefully handpick each of the companies we cooperate with to ensure our interns only get paired with brands that are the right match. With a number of exchange opportunities available in China and Singapore, you’ll not only obtain an inside perspective of Asia, but help further your career opportunities too.

Travel Asia like never before with a working internship

For those who have always wanted to have an authentic Asia experience, there’s no better way to achieve this than living and working like a local. Offering interns the choice of staying with a carefully selected host family, you’ll be able to eat, sleep and breath like a real local, learning valuable knowledge about the diverse culture, customs and language differences to your own home country.

Providing internship exchange programs in Asia and around the globe

Are you ready to take the next exciting step in your education or career? Whether you were interested in architecture, civil engineering, administration, accounting, logistics or another discipline, we have the global internship network to help you achieve your dreams. We also extend our program to those looking to work in Europe, North America and beyond.

To enquire about becoming an intern, make sure contact us today.

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  1. Marina Bay

    Internship opportunities: SINGAPORE

    The internship programme in Singapore allows university students or graduates to experience working with non-profit organis...

    DURATION : 2 months , 3 months , 4 months , 5 months


    ASIA - Singapore
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  2. Internship opportunities: CHINA

    Internship opportunities: CHINA

    When thinking of high-tech, a fast economic growth, new inventions, ancient history, the biggest population in the world, a...

    DURATION : 8 weeks , 12 weeks , 16 weeks


    ASIA - Cheng Du,Shanghai
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