Find the Right Internship in Europe for you

Have you always wanted to take the leap and explore everything beautiful Europe has to offer? As most people can relate, we all eventually come to that point in our lives where we have to decide between pursuing a career, returning to university, or traveling the world. All options offer pros and cons, but it can often prove impossible to decide. Embarking on a working internship is an appealing compromise that will allow you to both visit a foreign country, whilst gaining valuable skills in a profession that you wish to gain employment.

Gain a unique perspective on Europe with a working internship

With internship programs available in France, Italy, Ireland, Holland, Spain and the UK, you’ll be able to find an internship in Europe which meets your career and adventure seeking requirements. With the option to live with a hand-picked host family, you’ll be able to live like a local and experience the authentic European lifestyle.

Why choose us to find your internship?

With over 10 years’ experience in helping high school and university students, plus graduates and adult workers find internships in Asia, Australia, Europe and around the world, you needn’t go anywhere else.

For further information on any of our programs, contact us today

For those ready to take the big leap and move abroad to pursue the career of their dreams, consider one of our invaluable internships. For those interested, ensure you get in contact with us today to find out more about what we have on offer. You canleave us a message online and one of our team will endeavor to get back to you as quickly as they can to assist. We look forward to hearing from you.

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  1. Internship opportunities: SPAIN

    Internship opportunities: SPAIN

    A growing economy, a hotspot for many international businesses and great beaches are just a few things that Spain has to of...

    DURATION : 9 weeks , 12 weeks


    EUROPE - Spain
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  2. Internship opportunities: NETHERLANDS

    Internship opportunities: NETHERLANDS

    Are you studying engineering or business information systems and would like to deepen your theoretical knowledge by working...

    DURATION : 3 weeks , 4 weeks , 5 weeks , 6 weeks , 7 weeks


    EUROPE - Holland
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  3. Internship opportunities: ITALY

    Internship opportunities: ITALY

    If you are a native English speaker, currently enrolled at university or recently graduated and would like to teach English...

    DURATION : 12 weeks


    EUROPE - Italy
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  4. Internship opportunities: IRELAND

    Internship opportunities: IRELAND

    Enjoy the lush greenery in Ireland and soak in the Irish history as you gain practical experience in your internship in Dub...

    DURATION : 3 weeks , 4 weeks , 5 weeks , 6 weeks , 7 weeks , 8 weeks , 9 weeks , 10 weeks , 12 weeks , 14 weeks , 16 weeks , 18 weeks


    EUROPE - Ireland
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  5. Internship opportunities: FRANCE

    Internship opportunities: FRANCE

    A major European city, Paris is known for its art, fashion, gastronomy and culture. There is much to love about the City of...

    DURATION : 10 weeks , 12 weeks


    EUROPE - France
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  6. Internship opportunities: London

    Internship opportunities: London

    Looking for a new challenge to build your career path, develop networks and expand your experiences? Look no further than L...

    DURATION : 3 weeks , 4 weeks , 5 weeks , 6 weeks , 7 weeks , 8 weeks , 9 weeks , 10 weeks , 12 weeks , 14 weeks , 16 weeks , 18 weeks , 20 weeks , 24 weeks


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