Jiong (Jessie) DUANMU

Founder/director, Shanghai Infinite Horizons, and founder, Infinite Horizons (Singapore) 

Jiong Duanmu has been working with international students, volunteers and interns since 2005. She obtained her Master’s degree in Education in the UK and has taught English and Mandarin in Primary and Secondary schools for 9 years. The founder of Shanghai Infinite Horizons and Infinite Horizons (Singapore), she loves working with international students, volunteers and interns from all over the world. Each time she hears volunteers and interns say to her “Thank you”, “You are a life changer”, or when the teachers and the students say “having lessons with volunteers , we are more interested in English learning”, “our teachers are so touched by your volunteers”, she is spurred on to work even harder: she feels she has made a difference. The world is getting smaller and closer because of international, high school students programs, volunteer and intern programs, In her holiday time, she has a great love for travel and has been to Japan, France, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Canada, USA, South Africa, Norway, Sweden, Demark, Ireland, UK, Morocco, Thailand, Malaysia, Brussels and Australia. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, dancing, Chinese instrument, table tennis and swimming.