Helping you Volunteer Abroad in Asia

Are you stuck on what to do during your gap year, university holidays, or work break? Then you should consider becoming a volunteer abroad in beautiful Asia. While there are many prosperous and flourishing cities and regions in countries such as China, Vietnam and Thailand, there are many impoverished areas where locals do not have the means to care for themselves or their families.

Volunteering is a fantastic means to give back to those in need whilst exploring a foreign country and embracing its culture firsthand. Infinite Horizons offers many volunteer opportunities throughout Asia and will provide you with all assistance and support you require throughout your time abroad.

Our volunteer programs available throughout Asia

With over a decade of experience in the industry, we have assisted many individuals from around the world by pairing them with the right program. Whether you wanted to volunteer in Vietnam, Singapore, Laos, Bali, Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, or China, we will be able to send you to a culturally rich country where your aid will be greatly appreciated.

Taking care of everything while you’re abroad

We understand that traveling to a foreign country can be a daunting and challenging experience. You may be confronted with a brand new language, culture and customs, whilst trying to navigate and find your bearings. Infinite Horizons aims to offer their assistance wherever possible to ensure the entire experience runs smoothly and without complications. We’ve organized volunteer placement for individuals abroad in Asia, Africa, Europeand beyond, and have the experience to streamline the entire process.

Speak with us today to learn more

For any questions on our volunteer programs, contact us today and our friendly staff will happily assist. A world of adventure and a lifetime of rewarding experiences are waiting.

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  1. Volunteer Programme: VIETNAM

    Volunteer Programme: VIETNAM

    Broaden your horizon while spending a couple of weeks in Vietnam and work as a volunteer to help people in need. Be it a ga...

    DURATION : 1 week , 2 weeks , 4 weeks


    ASIA - Vietnam
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  2. Volunteer Programme: SINGAPORE

    Volunteer Programme: SINGAPORE

    If you’ve wanted to give back in some way, how about working at an animal sanctuary or do something for the less fort...

    DURATION : 4 weeks , 8 weeks , 12 weeks


    ASIA - Singapore
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  3. Volunteer Programme: LAOS

    Volunteer Programme: LAOS

    Discover the ancient country of Laos when you volunteer on critical community development projects throughout the city of L...

    DURATION : 2 weeks , 3 weeks , 6 weeks , 4 months


    ASIA - Laos
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  4. Volunteer Programme: BALI, INDONESIA

    Volunteer Programme: BALI, INDONESIA

    Enjoy your holiday and do some volunteering too. Your workday will normally be around three hours a day. The rest of the ti...

    DURATION : 4 weeks , 6 weeks , 8 weeks


    ASIA - Bali
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  5. Volunteer Programme: THAILAND

    Volunteer Programme: THAILAND

    Thailand is known as the land of smiles, but not everyone has something to smile about. Contribute up to two weeks and volu...

    DURATION : 2 weeks , 3 weeks , 4 weeks , 5 weeks


    ASIA - Thailand
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  6. Volunteer Programme: SRI LANKA

    Volunteer Programme: SRI LANKA

    Have you ever wanted to work with elephants? Work with us as a volunteer and help to protect these beautiful animals. You w...

    DURATION : 1 week , 2 weeks , 3 weeks , 4 weeks


    ASIA - Sri Lanka
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  7. Volunteer Programme: INDIA

    Volunteer Programme: INDIA

    India is the world’s largest democracy and one of the world’s oldest civilisations. With this backdrop, it is o...

    DURATION : 2 weeks , 3 weeks , 4 weeks , 5 weeks , 6 weeks , 7 weeks


    ASIA - India
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  8. Volunteer Programme: CHINA

    Volunteer Programme: CHINA

    China is filled with history, culture and new inventions. However, the country has a lack of not a lot of people who are fl...

    DURATION : 2 weeks , 3 weeks , 4 weeks , 5 weeks , 6 weeks , 7 weeks , 8 weeks , 9 weeks , 10 weeks , 12 weeks


    ASIA - China
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