Volunteer Abroad in Europe for a One of a Kind Experience

There are many rewarding volunteer opportunities available around the world. Such experiences not only give you the ability to help others in need, but also afford a chance to see a foreign country and embrace all the sights and experiences it has to offer. For those who are eager to visit Europe, but also wish to give back to the world in some way, becoming a volunteer abroad offers the perfect solution.

Infinite Horizons helps connect you with various volunteer programs available throughout Europe and offers support, guidance, information and advice throughout the experience. Handling everything from placement arrangement, accommodation, 27/7 emergency contact, meals, orientation and much more, you will have a constant lifeline available to assist. 

Becoming a volunteer in Europe allows you to enjoy both worlds

Whether it be helping teach English in Italy, or building shelters for animals in the Netherlands, we can pair you with numerous rewarding opportunities in Europe. Our programs are flexible in duration and can accommodate your schedule. Our ultimate goal is to make your time overseas as stress-free and streamlined as possible and we work with you to achieve this goal.

How we can help you find the right program

We’ve made it our mission to aid those seeking career and volunteer opportunities abroad, whether in Europe, Asia, Africa or elsewhere around the globe. With over a decade of experience, we have established a network of organizations, agencies and companies around the world that we work closely with, making us the best choice for finding the right program for you.

If you were unsure what that might even be, speak with one of our consultants and allow them to offer their expertise and knowledge on what’s available. You can send us a message on our contact us page.

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  1. Volunteer Programme: TURKEY

    Volunteer Programme: TURKEY

    When volunteering in Turkey you will find people in varying economic conditions, with many in need of basics - from adequat...

    DURATION : 4 weeks , 8 weeks , 12 weeks , 16 weeks , 20 weeks


    EUROPE - Turkey
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  2. Volunteer Programme: SPAIN

    Volunteer Programme: SPAIN

    Want to try something new for a couple of weeks? Why not combine your holiday in Spain with a social commitment? Go with us...

    DURATION : 2 weeks , 3 weeks , 8 weeks


    EUROPE - Spain
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  3. Holland Volunteering

    Volunteer Programme: The NETHERLANDS

    Want to experience Netherlands but more than just a tourist? This is your chance to fulfil your life as a social volunteer ...

    DURATION : 3 weeks , 4 weeks , 5 weeks , 6 weeks , 7 weeks


    EUROPE - Holland
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  4. Italy Volunteering

    Volunteer Programme: ITALY

    Thinking about Italian pizza, pasta and the blue sea? You can enjoy all that and much more when you join one of our social ...

    DURATION : 4 weeks , 8 weeks , 12 weeks


    EUROPE - Italy
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  5. Ireland Volunteering

    Volunteer Programme: IRELAND

    Broaden your horizons while working as a volunteer with other people from around the world in Ireland. Help people in need,...

    DURATION : 4 weeks , 5 weeks , 6 weeks , 7 weeks , 8 weeks , 10 weeks , 12 weeks


    EUROPE - Ireland
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  6. Germany Volunteering

    Volunteer Programme: GERMANY

    Broaden your horizons by volunteering in one of our various social projects. At the same time, you will find new friends an...

    DURATION : 20 weeks , 40 weeks


    EUROPE - Germany
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